Monday, September 7, 2015

Downloading The Soul

One of my readers wrote me asking me what I meant in the last post by the statement:
With every upgrade we are being downloaded with codes of information that are not only increasing our awareness but are also creating the template for the activation of our true essence, our soul self to be anchored in.

“Codes” of information come in from higher dimensional reality; the centre of our galaxy- the great central sun- and are stepped down by our sun for transmission and assimilation by the human vehicle. We experience this as shifting in our bodies and brains with various symptoms from exhaustion, headaches, brain fog, vertigo and many other experiences. We start to have more mystical experiences, heightened intuitive and psychic ability, receiving divine guidance/information -a sense of “knowing” without knowing how we know something. These “upgrades” are transforming our physical being, activating dormant strands of DNA code which are awakening the human biology to embody the light body. This “template”-our etheric blueprint- is coming online in the physical reality. The light body could be explained as the higher self/intelligence, which is encoded with all aspects of the soul with all the experiences and learning of a souls evolution intact.
These changes are part of the evolutionary process. The spiritual awareness and abilities that we will experience are the same as what the ascended masters, our guides and teachers, demonstrate as well as some ancient civilizations who had full conscious awareness of their spiritual gifts and multi dimensional origins. There have been civilizations/ ages before the one we are currently experiencing that were far more advanced. 

Much of this information has been lost, destroyed or kept hidden with the intention of keeping humanity from knowing its true origins. The creation of various religions was a part of the manipulation and control of the human population, creating separation/ factions and distorted fear based teachings that have become ingrained in the modern human psyche.
The higher sense human abilities were blocked and shut down thousands of years ago creating a slave race, The DNA was tampered with, manipulated to function partially…most humans only access a small portion of what the brain is capable of -10% -and this is largely due to an inactive pineal gland. In the modern times most pineal glands are calcified from diet, chemical poisoning- pesticides, pharma, aspertame (and the many other chemicals in chewing gum), gmo foods and so forth. 

The Pineal gland is how we are able to connect to God, our soul and multi dimensional reality; without its proper functioning we cannot access our soul or fully embody the soul. We have become a race of beings operating at “half mast” from a narrow limited perspective, dis- empowered and unable to fully self realize. This is changing with the current shifts occurring in the universe. The old souls -indigos starseeds and crystals who have incarnated from other star systems as well as the earth realm are already “hard wired” with many of the higher sensory abilities which is what sets them apart from the masses (no judgment here -these souls are just coming in from a different level of evolution- all souls will eventually be at this place and beyond as the evolutionary cycles never end) and why they are here to teach and assist humanities’ evolution at this time. These beings came in with a more advanced operating system, one that will activate in all humans but is currently dormant for most.
There are more senses then we are currently, in general, tapped into. The human race has been disconnected and lost from source for thousands of years functioning from the lower 3 base chakras, from the Ego self.

We are shifting from a 26000 year cycle into a new cycle, transitioning to the next “level”, going up an octave, moving up the evolutionary spiral and this is affecting the entire universe-other races of beings in other planetary systems are also evolving along with the earth- all life is evolving. We are living in a time of tremendous opportunity to grow, evolve and advance to a much higher state of being with access to other dimensions of reality and joining our galactic families. New skills and abilities are available which we will have access to effortlessly; for example the ability to communicate using telepathy, instant creation/manifestation, conscious control over all aspects of our lives including the physical vessel. Meaning we can control our biology- self heal and expand the length and vitality of our lives through thought/intention, right use of will and energy, as well as alternative health practices and new quantum energy based technologies. At this level of creation everything becomes a conscious choice, a co-creative experience rather than a series of unaware, unconscious, un-empowered choices and their subsequent mis-creations (hardships/suffering/pain) and Karma. We have the choice now to end the endless karmic cycle through, right thought, right speech, right action.

 This is a time where we have the opportunity to empower ourselves by living in harmony with the laws of the universe and embodying our multi dimensional selves. The external world- that we have created- is non- sustainable and a primitive world of the past. Those in power are desperately hanging on to the old and trying to maintain something that cannot be maintained. As they say...change is the only constant...and it is inevitable. The old paradigm, the Piscean patriarchy ended in 2012 and the new age, the long awaited age of Aquarius -the golden age of spiritual consciousness, balance, love and harmony- is being implemented/awakened stage by stage. It feels like a slow process to many of us but in the bigger picture these changes are happening rapidly. 

The world will be a very different place in the future as we ascend; becoming a race of heart centered self -realized beings living in harmony with all life on the earth and beyond. We must have a willingness to be authentic, to seek the truth, to do the inner work and be to be of service. Each and every soul will come to this place eventually. Exciting times on planet earth!

Words Copyright A Starchild 2015
Artwork - Mahavatar Babaji Artist-Unknown 

Saturday, September 5, 2015

September 2015 Energetic Upgrade

Some intense energy the past week and heading into September 2015. The upcoming eclipses and planetary alignments are bringing in more transformation and opportunity to elevate, evolve and embody the higher frequencies; the stage is being set to operate from our higher perspective/our higher self. My sense is that we may need to rest a whole lot more, taking care of the body and staying away from negative energies in whatever form they may show up. Do whatever supports your physical health and healing- diet, meditation, yoga, massage, Reiki, being in nature and sleeping. Take the time to allow the shifting and changing, being very loving and gentle with your process. 

It is all too easy to get caught up in the external fear propaganda “out there” and we must be discerning about who and what we allow into our energy/thoughts etc. We often put pressure on ourselves to measure up to someone else’s opinion of who and what we should be/should be doing and then beat ourselves up in the process when we fail to measure up. The fact is we can only find peace and joy when we are true to ourselves and live our purpose. This ascension process we are currently in has been a long journey (acceleration began in the 1960’s) with so many layers of healing and gradual increase in frequencies that support conciseness and self-realization. With every upgrade we are being downloaded with codes of information that are not only increasing our awareness but are also creating the template for the activation of our true essence, our soul self to be anchored in. This process was destined to be. We are moving through a major dimensional shift, which is causing a lot of funk in the collective energy field, especially coming from those who are functioning at the level of the unconscious Ego.  
It is imperative to keep your energy contained and protected while going through these shifts and upgrades as the healing process leaves us more sensitive and vulnerable to negative attacks. Being aware of our stuff and dealing with issues as they arise, healing and releasing, healing and releasing we gradually move towards wholeness.

The highly sensitive starseeds, indigos and crystals are leading the way in this transformation of human consciousness; many going through the process as pioneers of the new age. This is a great mission of service yet it can feel extreme, at times isolating and a like daunting never-ending task. Know that we signed up for this; we came to this planet to hold the frequencies and to be the first through the gate so that we may serve the rest of humanity in the awakening process. We have known our mission since we came into this plane- we came to this planet to assist in humanities evolution. Many indigos and starseeds have struggled being here, have had a very difficult time being on a planet of such density and darkness. We come from higher dimensional places of Love. We came from different star systems; the Pleiades, Sirius, Andromeda, Arcturus and elsewhere -the 3D vibration is foreign and challenging for most. We arrived on a planet that was asleep, we were often born into unconscious families to anchor in higher frequencies and clear ancestral lineage of dysfunction, denial,  pain, suffering and trauma and be an example; a reminder of who we are as divine beings. Starseeds and Indigos have had to integrate and figure out how to function in the 3rd density...a primitive world. We have known our mission since birth and while some of us got a little lost along the way trying to cope  we are warriors of divine love and light, we know why we are here and nothing can stop a divine love warrior on a God Source mission ;) In my view the crystals are an even more advanced group of souls who came in fully awake and aware of their place in the universe. They are here to create a support system and help the indigos and Starseeds. Just their presence and incarnating on the earth raises the consciousness of all. If you haven’t noticed people waking up all around you take a look and review the last 20 years to see how things have evolved. There is a ton of writing about these advanced beings that I will not cover in this writing. If you are curious to know more check out what many of the spiritual leaders have to say about these more advanced humans (Matt Kahn, Jim Self, Kryon through Lee Carroll, Doreen Virtue and many others)

As it is the energies are amping up for major shifts in the human consciousness and the first wave of ascension. The timelines shifted in 2012 and what was predicted for that time is happening over the next few years changes are slow but they are happening. We have been working diligently and tirelessly with the procession of increased energies via the astrological alignments and galactic events divinely orchestrated for the ascension of a planet in physical form. We have had to do the inner work, going though the dark night of the soul, releasing the attachments to the past, to heal and prepare our physical mental emotional bodies to anchor the light body -the soul. This has been a lifelong process for many of us. As each being becomes whole and heals it has a ripple affect creating the space for all to heal...we raise the vibration of the whole of humanity as we embody our true essence. As we heal it expands out and we heal the whole, increment by increment. What a beautiful perfectly designed system. 
Much of this work goes on behind the scenes, we don’t have to “do” anything or prove anything to have an affect on the healing of human consciousness, we only need to go within and heal ourselves. This is a journey of detaching from the ego and connecting to the unity of your soul and with source/God. That is all that is required.
So take good care of you- Love You First- you cannot love another until you love yourself. During this transit eating a vegetarian light diet will assist in your healing and ability to hold higher frequencies of quantum light, getting rest, drinking lots of pure water-spring from source is optimal but do the best you can, juicing, cleansing to support the immune system and exercise to release toxins and assist the central nervous system, make sure you are supporting the adrenals with adaptogens such as Ashwaghanda, reishi, chaga, shizandra, astragalus, get your trace minerals from seaweeds and mineral rich superfoods like chlorella and the stimulants like coffee and cocao as they intensify the already frazzled nervous systems as we are being rewired.
Breathe, laugh, love, sing, dance, practice yoga, meditate, do whatever makes your soul shine and commune with the archangels and ascended masters who are available to guide us and love unconditionally. Remember they cannot intervene without our permission because of the law of free you must ask for help. Be loving, kind and authentic letting go of anything that does not serve your highest version.
With love
Enjoy this incredible ride

Words Copyright A Starchild 2015
Artwork- Unknown